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Saturday, 16 February 2019

I took part in a celebration of the centenary of women getting the vote for the first time in Solihull, by leading a training workshop for aspiring women to enter politics and public life as part of the #AskHerToStand campaign.

#AskHerToStand events encourage women from all backgrounds to raise their awareness of politics and enourage them to get involved. 

I invited West Midlands regional Conservative Women Organisation members and new aspiring women from their constituencies to give them an overview of the work of the Conservative voluntary party. This included engagements, forums, and shadowing opportunities available in particluar for female members of the party. The event focussed on how to become a councillor. Supported by local councillors, the workshop day was held at the Meriden and Solihull Conservative Association. Many women attending were taking their first steps to enter politics and some had never considered becoming a member or being active.

This year is special, and throughout the spring and summer, I will be running further series of events to mark the centenary of women getting the vote for the first time.

We need to do more to encourage more women to stand, regardless of political afflication, and at any level. To be truly representative, politics needs to reflect Modern Britain, I would encourage anybody interested in getting more involved in politics to get in touch.


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