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Monday, 1 October 2018

Speakers passionate about nature conservation and protecting the environment met campaigners at Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. The panel included Government Champion on illegal wildlife trade conference, Zac Goldsmith MP. A long standing campaigner and member of Parliament continues to advocate to protect the environment. Goldsmith highlighted the important issue to discuss interventions and how climate change will impact us all globally. 

Parveen Hassan & Zac Goldsmith MP
The fringe event was organised by WWF, an independent organisation bringing together representatives from Government and business to discuss how the UK can lead international efforts to protect the environment. Chaired by Amy Mount, from Greener UK, the panel included Rebecca Pow MP, PPS to DEFRA. 

WWF discussions highlighted the importance in protecting freshwater environments. Freshwater is essential for our planet; people and wildlife. 

Since the Government policy to reduce plastic with a ban on microbeads in January 2018, damaging beads can cause serious harm to marine life. The UK’s ban praised by campaigners as one of the toughest in the world will help to stop billions of microbeads ending up in the ocean every year. 

There has been great interest in protecting our environment with the successful government policy on the 5p plastic bag charge, which has taken nine billion bags out of circulation.The ban puts the UK at the forefront of international efforts to tackle and reduce plastic pollution.

The panel reminded campaigners and the delegation on the need to restore nature post Brexit, and the vital resources to protect freshwater environments and tackle the mismanagement leading to pollution, drying rivers and damaged habitats. 


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