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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

I was delighted to organise a selection of West Midlands CWO campaign action days for the West Midlands female parliamentary candidates. The action days focussed mainly in the Birmingham target seats, as part of the 2017 general election.  

It was an opportunity to lead campaigning to get more women interested in politics during the 2017 campaign. Many volunteers new to politics gained experience and participated on the short campaign. West Midlands Conservative Women’s Organisation aims to encourage women to participate in politics locally and nationally within the party; also to raise awareness of and invite debate on issues that affect women.

As part of West Midlands CWO, we encourage women to take an active part in volunteering for the ladies that leaflet campaign for the party.

Women gained skills on: how to engage with the electorate on the doorstep, ground work experiences on political campaigning: tele canvassing on vote source, organising pledges, deliveries of campaign literature, posting election pledges and gathering crucial data for knock ups for future campaigns.
We also encourage individuals with their personal and political development and to actively encourage more women to stand for public office as local Councillors and public appointments. 

If you wish to learn more about volunteering, contact West Midlands CWO.


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