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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Parveen, Old Burial Ground,
Christ Church, Quinton 
It was a great pleasure to visit Christ Church in Quinton this morning. Helping Hands Group, a volunteering initiative were preparing to start cleaning Christ Church Quinton surroundings.

In May 2014, the Birmingham & Black Country Nature Improvement Area worked in partnership with Christ Church, Quinton to create a new meadow in the Old Burial Ground.

Today I had the opportunity to learn on the developments, and how the Old Burial Ground is kept to preserve natural plants, and retain its insects to thrive the environment. Volunteers from Helping Hands group work collectively to clean the grounds, once every month, and restore where needed. Sue explained how this land had been unmanaged historically, and densely overgrown. 

Old Burial Ground, Quinton 
I visited the grounds, to see the presence of important diverse plant species which support a whole range of wildlife from butterflies to insects, mammals and birds are being looked after. 

The conservation project was part of the Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust to increase the amount of wildlife habitat in the West Midlands region.

There is also work in the old burial ground to be done further. Sue, from Helping Hands, explained the nature project - the disused burial ground has flourished into a small wildflower meadow, semi -mature hawthorn trees and rank grassland. 

Sue, Helping Hands Group 
Keeping our communities and places cleaner is also priority but not to forget our natural habitats. It was pleasing to see what the volunteers have achieved, trimming back bushes and sweeping Autumn leaves from the Church grounds. 

I hope that through Helping Hands, we can encourage others to roll up their sleeves, and take action to revisit Quinton's nature's best kept secret.


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