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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

On Tuesday 4th October, I had the pleasure in sharing a platform with Dr Hayward, an active campaigner with the Conservative Party since 2004 who was promoting the Conservative Policy Forum at Party Conference. 
Dr Hayward CPF with Parveen Hassan
& Katy Bourne 

Dr Haywood explained CPF vision for moving forward, including developing online and social media facilities for engaging more people in the forum's work, the creation of CPF packs and prioritising CPF campaigning.   

Members were particularly interested in hearing CPF’s ideas and how to contribute to high level debates and engage with the forum, their local associations and with the party generally. 

Volunteers and members supported CPF, at the party zone attraction. 

Visitor’s had the opportunity to learn more about The Conservative Policy Forum aims which: 

  • develops and advances Conservative ideas and policies within the Party and in Government for the benefit of the whole country;
  • creates regular opportunities for all members, regardless of age or location, to discuss the challenges facing the country and to have real influence on Party policy;
  • champions Conservative policies locally and nationally so as to support the election of Conservative candidates at every level of government.
Dr Hayward was very popular with visitors from afar. More information do visit https://www.conservativepolicyforum.com


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