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Saturday, 9 July 2016

British politics needs more “bloody difficult women,” in my opinion; I have no hesitation casting my vote for Theresa May, the current Home Secretary, and former Conservative Party Chairman with a raft of experience in government. Theresa May’s CV is impressive: she started her career in local government, and will understand decision making in devolved communities. 

Parveen with Theresa May 
The next stage is taking the membership vote for the next Conservative leader; I am one of the lucky ones who will get to choose my leader. Negotiating our exit from the EU will be the biggest task facing the next Prime Minister, and Theresa May is the candidate that I feel will be able to secure the best deal possible for the UK. It is time to continue the work to secure Britain’s future.
Theresa May & Parveen, House of Commons 
Theresa May has sat across top levels of government, negotiations, crisis interventions, and security. Already, she has a proven track record from day one. My support is also down to one that builds personal relationships and trust. Indeed I have listened to Theresa May in many speeches, and forums, from her commitment to Women2Win. She is one of the original founders and continously champions women in public life and politics. I have made it clear that women in leadership positions is not only great for our country, the economy, and society. Theresa May fits the calibre with her strong standing, a country for all. This is far more important than gender politics, but how one can lead for all its members, people and future generations. 

Theresa May Conservative Conference  
Theresa May plans to make Britain work for everyone. In her speech, she set out how she wants to tackle the injustices that British people face such as being born into poverty means an average life expectancy 9 years shorter than others, or how women still earn less than men. This is the one nation Conservative, progressive party and country I want and the very reason why I joined the Conservative Party many years ago.The concerns of the electorate are far more embedded within Theresa May’s speech, for example on social mobility, she can diversify what PM David Cameron started, compassionate conservatism and build a country we are all proud of with a vision for the future.

I have pledged to campaign with grass roots volunteers for the Theresa May team. I believe she has the ability to unite the country and she is a safe pair of hands in these current challenges we face, to restore political stability, and economic certainty. 

Many of her supporters are coming out very early to pledge support, please do check her website and join us.


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