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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

It was a pleasure to accompany so many hard working prospective MP's in the Conservative Campaign ground battles, the meet and greet is highly rewarding and the work of many dedicated volunteers,  supporting their respective favoured local candidates, and those travelling many boundaries to assist the wider Conservative teams as Team 2015 Volunteers.

TeamSolihull, Conservatives 
The door knocking, leaflet dropping, hustings, attending speeches, visits, canvassing at shopping centres, churches, outside hospitals, grafting, cleaning nearby areas, and making communities active in the democratic process.

 I supported many of the candidates for the Conservative cause whilst gaining substantial political campaigning experience in the field of politics.

Team Birmingham 

Passionate campaigns were in abundance, although sometimes cause a strain, from the early mornings until late evenings, walking up long garden paths, the leaflets delivered, felt both rewarding and satisfying. There was a need to serve the communities by keeping them informed of political democratic choices.

I certainly will never forget the lively exchanges at the door steps on what counts for a better future for Britain: economic security, prosperity, the stronger economy and creation of employment. These were the main feelings I encountered on the ground from the electorate alongside many disengaged with politics.

I also enjoyed the campaigning fun, surprises and tactics with the Conservative national team too.

It was fantastic to watch many aspiring candidates take the political journey and how candidates grow part of the constituencies. There were both winners and some very close to the near finish line.

As the election came to a close, the friendships will forever remain.

Parveen Hassan with Michael Gove, Conservative Party 
Parveen with Conservative Campaign Volunteers, Solihull  


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