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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Amber Rudd MP's recently appointed, the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. 

Today, Amber Rudd reiterated no more wind farms schemes will be given approval unless local people have agreed, and are happy with the proposals. Councils are likely to consult with residents as the Government intends to transfer the decision making powers to local councils. Opinions on the usage of wind farms, on the benefits and appearance can be quite decisive. The Conservative Manifesto also outlined, ‘an end to any new public subsidy for them and change the law so that people have the final say on windfarm applications.’

Amber Rudd MP
Currently there are 4,000 onshore wind turbines, providing power to over 4 million homes. There are also another 3,000 planning projects ongoing which hopes to provide power to 7 million homes by 2020.

There is anticipation that it will appear in the Queen’s speech next week and fast track the laws.

As the Conservative women in David Cameron’s, Conservative led Government have increased, they have some very interesting roles and challenges ahead. It will be interesting to see the progress on how this government will protect and enhance our natural environment. 


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