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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Parliament Week organised the following event as part of Parliament week 2014. What role do women play in Parliament? How can we get more young women involved in Parliament? 

Many women joined the debate to discuss young #WomenInParliament live on Twitter with Mary Macleod MP @MaryMacleodMP on 19th November from 1-2pm, as part of Parliament Week 2014. 

The team in advanced gathered questions on:
Why do we need more young women to join Parliament?
How are women currently represented in Parliament?
Who are the amazing young women already active in Parliament?
Why don’t more young women ‘do politics’?
What are the barriers to young women getting involved in Parliament
How can we shift them?

This twitter chat was part of Do Democracy, a national campaign running during Parliament Week 2014 to engage on issues that affect young people. I took part in the debate and was tweeted by @MaryMacleodMP on her responses, outlining outreach work with women, women in the media and shadowing. 


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