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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Much words of hope from MP Priti Patel, she recently shared some good news, the gender gap is narrowing thanks to hardworking women in their 20s and 30s. They now earn more than their male counterparts. 
Parveen Hassan CWH & Priti Patel MP 

Her article in the Telegraph outlining her personal drive as a Minister in the Treasury, to remind everyone the need to create policies that are relevant to parents and families, childcare, creating a culture of work life balance, and opportunities that assist working families.

Bold words of encouragement, Priti Patel broadly outlines the views of the Conservative Party on hard working families and for aspirational families, to demonstrate once again parents are given the access and opportunities to improve their careers. As and when parents return to work, they have the avenues to fulfil their career aspirations, provide better futures for their families and their children, and encounter new opportunities. 

These were her similar words spoken at a recent informal lunch in Beeston with ambitious women looking for a career in politics and understanding their own challenges they face to meet the expectations of a work-life balance. The hurdles encountered to progress in politcs were notably alike. She quoted in the Telegraph; 

“Since 2010 the number of women in employment has increased by 774,000 to a record high of 14.4 million. And, today, we learnt that the gender pay gap has fallen to a record low – a good direction to be travelling in, though we have much further to go."

She went further on the measures and proposals:reducing the cost childcare, increasing flexible working, shared parental leave, and tax reforms.The Conservative Party must be really pleased; on 19 November 2014 new figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that the gender pay gap is at its lowest ever level. The figures show that the pay gap is 9.4 per cent compared with 17.4 per cent in 1997 and that for the first time women over 30 working full time were paid more than men. 

Tackling the gender pay gap is essential for attracting, recruiting and retaining talented women and ensuring equal opportunities in the workplace. While these new figures are a sign of progress in the fight for equal pay there is still more to do. The Conservative Party introduced the ‘Think, Act, Report’ scheme, which is supported by over 250 companies and is designed to improve pay transparency, and legislated to give employment tribunals the power to order any employer that loses an equal pay case to carry out an equal pay audit. 

The long-term economic plan is working as there are now more women in work and more women running their own business than ever before. Barriers are breaking down, getting women back in business and improving transparency over pay to ensure equality in the workplace. This is something to be upbeat about, keep it going.


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