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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Image Credit: The Daily Telegraph David Cameron Selfie with Parveen Hassan 

Delegates at the Conservative Party Conference 2014 had opportunities to network with MP's, Cabinet Ministers, the Prime Minister David Cameron and take a few dedicated pictures. So what makes a PM selfie become so newsworthy? A picture is worth a thousand words and I had my fair share. 

The PM is too polite to say no, this has been somewhat reflected by the Daily Mail, and the mainstream media. The PM also stated it is rude to refuse on the ITV Agenda recently.  Like many I pay my membership to enjoy conference, there is no harm in networking. However I was mortified to read that the PM was getting some criticism for enjoying himself with delegates. Grass roots activists, the members and foot soldiers get satisfaction and appreciation from those who lead us. Conservative Party Chairman and Team2015 recognise this, David Cameron was chatting to female members and having pictures taken, he permitted us to do so with ease, relaxed and normal, surely talking to women and being down to earth is better than being stuffy and insular?

It's effortless, if you are polite enough to ask, you will always get in my experience.The images capture the human side of the Conservative Party Leader David Cameron, as  Prime Minister, he certainly doesn't have a women problem, not with me anyway!

Thank you to Bruce Adams, the Daily Mail staff photographer for capturing my personal tweets and selfies with: PM David Cameron, the Chancellor George Osborne, London Mayor Boris Johnson, and the complimentary additional photographs. Also the Birmingham Mail Catherine for making a story out of some pictures of my excitement and delight with the top tories as she put it!



David Cameron selfie with Parveen Hassan image credit: The Daily Telegraph 
Image Credit: Daily Mail 

David Cameron PM Selfie at CPC14 image credit: Daily Mail  

David Cameron and Parveen Hassan 

At Conference with Prime Minister David Cameron  

Image Credit: Stephen Simpson LNP

PM David Cameron Selfie captured with Parveen Hassan Image credit: Birmingham Mail 

David Cameron gives his view point on selfies, highlighted in the Daily Mail.


Image credit: Jeremy Selwyn article Daily Mail on David Cameron


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