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Saturday, 2 August 2014

As part of Team 2015, I have volunteered and campaigned to secure a better future for Britain, it's a great way to enjoy and experience election campaign trails first hand.

I have been on a few campaigns of late. What better way to get energised, get an active morale boost, fitness and support from a family of Conservative volunteers, activists, and candidates?  The network with associations is forever growing and sometimes you cannot remember those close to you; there are so many teams.

Volunteering in target areas, by-elections and supporting others from canvassing, filling envelopes, listening to campaigning strategies and much more.  The door to door knocking, leafleting, managing surveys and engaging the electorate: a few hours can make all the difference to those in need.

The Conservative Party has given me such a valuable experience whilst developing a new set of skills on the ground. Volunteering for a cause I am passionate about, campaigning for our future and balancing my key working commitments.

Conservative Election Campaigns enjoy and try the experience!


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