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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron joins the Conservative campaign for Newark By-Election 

What next after European and Local Elections? The next one to watch is Newark 

All eyes were recently fixated on Tower Hamlets stressful countdown election results for the local and european elections. Now political parties are making headway for the next parliamentary by-election in Newark on the 5th June 2014. The constituency covers Newark, Balderton, Bingham, Collingham, East Bridgford, Southwell, Tuxford and other surrounding villages. Speculation from pollsters, spectators and the electorate will want to know if the 2014 European and local election gains raised by UKIP are maintained, and whether voters apathy differ for this particular seat.

Nottinghamshire saw a vocal presence of the Conservative Party; a hundred volunteers came before the all important Newark by-election, co-ordinated by Central Office. Parliamentary candidates across the country also assembled in mass for the Conservative campaign in Bingham last weekend.

Prime Minister David Cameron made a series of visits while campaigners delivered the messages,  outlining on how the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan is delivering, such as increased jobs, reduced unemployment, lower income tax and investments in schools for local people. The strong message given from the PM is a part of the drive to support the parliamentary candidate Robert Jenrick, through thanking volunteers personally for their efforts. 

David Cameron highlighted the importance of engagement and commitment on the ground; explaining his personal expectations and what the cabinet members are doing to assist the Conservative Newark by-election. To date, the Prime Minister and Mayor of London Boris Johnson have visited Newark with Theresa May, George Osborne, Ken Clarke and Philip Hammond. 

Will the political landscape change for Newark? UKIP are attempting to attract some attention to determine whether they can obtain at least one foothold at Westminster, with a large vocal Conservative presence. It is likely the Conservatives will hold on to their majority.  


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