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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Campaigners, parliamentary candidates, activists and friends gathered to show their support for the Conservative Candidate Robert Jenrick in Gingham this morning for the Newark by-election.

The recent buzz of the collective campaigning in meeting like minded people went well today from canvassing, door knocking, leafleting and delivering personalised letters to remind the electorate of the Conservative cause.

Candidates volunteered their weekend from far as Dorset, London, the North and West Midlands, networking within the Conservative family. These campaign days work a treat as do the Roadtrip2015 organised centrally.

As the daily politics show highlighted the need for politicians to come out of Westminster village and meet local people, listen to their concerns and issues.

David Cameron &Parveen Hassan 

It was surprising to learn of news on social media, a member of the opposition didn't know where Bingham was on the map and the Newark by-election quizzed by Andrew Neil on the Sunday Daily politics show.

Pictures on the Conservative Campaign trail.

Conservative Bingham Campaign Headquarters 

with Theodora CWO 

with Chris 
Shaun Bailey & Parveen Hassan 
Campaigning in Bingham for Rob4Newark


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