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Friday, 1 November 2013

London Evening Standard covered Justine Greening and Syria's children this week. Mass conflict and the severe trauma and impact on children is always heartening to hear these stories. As winter appears so does the harsh realities, the in-depth piece details the devastation, the conflict causing over 100,000 lives, the abuse of killing of pregnant women, the unborn children killed with their mothers.

The work of Unicef is mentioned. Conflict and wars move millions of refugees across borders. Unicef are also working with the World Health Organisation in a wide scale immunisation programme to prevent the outbreak of polio as discovered in East Syria. The campaign has already started targeting over 2.4 million children with vaccines against rubella, polio and mumps and measles.

Full piece below.


The Lost Generation initiative of 30 million for the Syrian children has been announced by the UK government.  Maintaining the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is no doubt complex in areas like Syria.  The initiative aims to cover education, vaccines, clean water and counselling from trauma.

Justine Greening & Parveen Hassan CWO


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