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Friday, 1 November 2013

Instead of reviewing the impact these female MPs can make in Turkey, we turn our heads to their identity and dressing of headscarves in parliament as some have reported a first in Turkey. So how progressive is this? We see four then we see ten? Is this representative of the views in Turkey and Muslim females?

I rather would have liked to learn more about their democratic views, what they are campaigning on and their party's beliefs and how close they are to political Islam.

The brief article is highlighted in the guardian; http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/31/turkey-female-mps-headscarves-parliament-end-ban

Ankara must be a better place now, the secular country is demonstrating tolerance, new ways of thinking as these women smile for the cameras, public looking for an outcry and their freedoms on religious expression. Hardly an impact.
Dinara Zhorobekova and Parveen Hassan 

I spoke to Dinara Zhorobekova, a student from Kyrgyzstan who stated it, veils did not commonly feature at Universities in Turkey and public buildings due to the ban. Since then it has been relaxed yet the Turkish judiciary, prosecutors and for the police the ban remains.

Dinara Zhorobekova 
Further details outlined in the telegraph.  


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