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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Liz Truss MP with Parveen Hassan CWO
The future possibilities of deregulation of childcare come with a serious sense of vision from Minister for Education and Childcare Elizabeth Truss MP.

Read the succinct Daily Telegraph article today where she is making waves within the Dept of Education.


Elizabeth Truss MP explained her reasoning previously; child care costs and the burden refrains women returning to work. Further it limits opportunities for career progression, and defers the economic business case. Overall it does not assist Britain's recovery and prosperity if women are not able to have adequate child care provision. Liz's views are outlined again below in the Telegraph;


The debate was reintroduced at the Bright Blue Drink Tank yesterday; the discussion by Amber Rudd MP informed members and through a series of tweets, ' Liz is trying to a lot on raising the quality and reducing the price of childcare.' Amber Rudd MP went on to disclose, 'we should look to professionalise childcare workforce at the same time as relaxing staff-to-child ratios.'

Amber Rudd MP with Parveen Hassan CWO 
Amber noted the women's forum in Parliament, stated she didn't come into politics to defend women but since has changed her thinking once she entered.

Both Liz and Amber can certainly voice their influence and opinions on women in general matters through their roles in public office.


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