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Friday, 7 September 2012

The reshuffle as expected brought transition and attention with the Tory women MP's. The highs and lows for outgoing Tory Chairman Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Caroline Spelman MP and Cheryl Gillan MP.

Media coverage focussed on tears and sadness of departing Downing Street; Baroness Warsi managed to hold a senior Minister position at the FCO with welcoming arms from William Hague admired by many, retaining partial attendance at Cabinet meetings.

Maria Millier MP now Culture Secretary and taking forward the equalities agenda. I can imagine this new found role will stir greater scrutiny. Her performance will be measured from lobby group opinions, and activists with Maria's record of voting on equality matters.

All is not lost, Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers promoted and Theresa May as Home Secretary- stood firm, another of my favourites.

4 shades of blue
Esther McVey MP 

The reshuffle gave openings for the new 2010 intake of high flying women MP's; strong, skilled and ready to deliver. Esther McVey MP (DWP), Helen Grant MP (Justice), Liz Truss MP appointed in Department for Education (Early Years Minister) and Anna Soubry MP (Health), all found their rightful places as junior Ministers. These shades of blue will remain with us by 2015 and more. If time allows to demonstrate their strengths.

There was sympathy for Justine Greening MP moved as Transport Secretary to DFID. I had confidence in her from the start as did Mayor Boris Johnson on her views opposing Heathrow runway expansions. There has to be more reasoning than what papers are articulating to readers.

If only David Cameron did a u-turn on keeping Justine Greening as Transport Secretary. Yes well wishful thinking on my part.



However there were a fortunate few moving to the whips office.

Caroline Spelman MP departure from DEFRA swiftly stirred speculation highlighted in the Independent factoring her age, strongly denied. Read article below;


Much change? Not really women in and out of Parliament attempting to secure influence along with the general mood of the country. They will fight for all, face inner struggles, rise to new priorities during this austerity. I only hope they make ground breaking ideas turn us to believe they can shape the future however complex their shades of blue.


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