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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MP Louise Mensch's ticket to freedom does not stop the political train for women entering Parliament. There has been many debates and articles written on the sacrifices Louise Mensch has made as a female politician and balancing her family commitments. 

Her resignation has caused early celebrations for the opposition and a winning prediction for the by- election in Corby & East Northamptonshire due to be held in November to coincide with PCC Elections. It is fair to say these are life choices and individual makes and under strained circumstances, Louise is entitled to quit politics for the betterment of her family. There are many querying the reasons, analysing her early exit as an indication of jumping ship when there are challenges, others questioning the status quo; women leave Parliament because of the juggling act.

Appreciating she may have quit because she wants to is not enough, the discussion on work life balance, child care commitments and how the State can support women in Parliament is irrelevant for women like Louise Mensch, she is in a different league to that of an ordinary working mother balancing work priorities and children.

She is affluent has a different skill set and entered the political arena already established as a chick lit author, so to generalise on her balancing act is unusual with her cross atlantic dynamics and personal situation.
This is why I agree with Gaby Hincliff's article in the Guardian highlighted succinctly;
The Telegraph below also details her profile and resignation.

Before we get too carried away of the reasons why women are not attracted to life time political careers, and Parliament, there are still many prepared for the long haul, fighting unwinnable seats, and compromising home commitments; there will be many more thinking I can rise up to the game and have a shot at Westminster Village with all the struggles that come along with it. Finally who is to say Louise Mensch will not return to politics in the future from the other-side of the pond? There is plenty of room for a return for the right cause, for now the residents of Corby will be looking deeply into the next candidate to represent them which should be a focus if any on Louise leaving her role as an MP than gender politics.

Below the resignation letter to the PM.


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