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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Despite time pressures, the Birmingham Conservative Group receives sound words of encouragement to flag the Conservatives during the local elections rally launch outside Council House by Tory Chairman, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.

As part of the Association and group tours around the country, this visit was perfect timing; the local elections only weeks away, and a decision from a yes/no mayor referendum all are key stages in the run up to future elections. This exciting the electorate and political opinion holders with a taste of wanting a mayor for Birmingham.

Imagine how Birmingham could be portrayed globally with a very own Boris, a dynamic personality, greater connections, bringing local accountability and power to people. The reality is in the hands of the voters who turn out on the 3rd May 2012.

The meeting with approved candidates was organised to inform CCHQ of the calibre of local diverse candidates, learn more on the campaigning briefings and network on strategies. Baroness Warsi's tour continues across to the East Midlands with a promise to return to Birmingham if the Conservative Council sucessfully gains it's first elected BME councillor in it's history under Conservative control for eight years.

There has been national interest on how BME voters can progress and change political landscapes positively & negatively. It's decision or crunchtime for Birmingham with a city as diverse than regional counterparts, all focus is on Birmingham for control.

This event was a much needed temperature check for the party & aspiring politicians with her wisdom, expertise and national framework to progress the challenges faced on the economy and addressing the deficit. Tory chairman's advice was duly noted and her fearless discussions on effective representation conveying the broader messages of engaging with all the electorate.

The people of Birmingham would be proud to see Tory Chairman return as champion to local communities & provide a national picture on Conservative policies whatever the outcome.


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