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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Recently Netmums collated messages from a survey on how women felt of the proposed child benefit changes and tax credits were unfair, particularly on the basis of income of one partner on a higher tax rate not family income.

Many mothers recognised that universal benefits are difficult to justify at present. It was not surprising from Netmum's survey that 3000 women stated 20% agreed with the proposed changes. 72% said they utilised the benefits for necessity but they will be required to reevaluate how they proceed in the workplace and living expenses.

Helen Grant Conservative MP had written a piece for the Guardian on state intervention which will not liberate women. Polls Tonybee claimed "British Women's freedom have gone into reverse."

Helen Grant MP like others feel state intervention is not the only means to improve equality. Full article below;

Many voices of apprehension await for the revisions or indications of child benefit, some advocating universal benefit with cap on number of children in terms of entitlement. The welfare reform proposals are probably the most significant in change and impact.

It will be George Osborne who provides the finer details for the alternatives of child benefit as many discuss the threshold. I personally feel change is required as it is no longer sustainable, yet challenging to accommodate everyone's needs and perception of fairness & entitlement. Winners or losers, it may change over the next few years; parents are considering options like reducing hours at work to stay under the tax rate despite no firm decision on the proposals.


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