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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

This piece of research from the Resolution Foundation by Vidhya Alakeson, on the price of motherhood: women and part-time work is clear. I'm hoping to raise it at the Conservative Women's Organisation West Midlands annual conference.


Women in work with families have an impact in areas of the economy and to have appropriate working family friendly policies is positive but they must appear within all sectors, reliant on the public sector cannot only be the mechanism. Public sector cuts do hit women because they tend to naturally fall within these roles due to their positive benefits and working policies, flexibility and choice. The private sector also offers policies that suit.

However working situations need to be backed with adequate provision or give women opportunities to be self employed become entrepreneurs and develop small and medium size businesses. The question arises on the support and infrastructures to make these bold decisions. This needs to be supported with child care provision, and broader review of policies on welfare reforms impacting women to start up and work requires finanicial stability to reap the benefits in the long term for economic growth.

The difficulty is the trigger points which allow women to enter the job market, all these interrelate including a reduction in child tax credits, services and disproportionately affect women incomes to progress.

The price of motherhood: women and part-time work briefing highlights areas. Do take the opportunity to read it, advice lines and information to raise awareness on the options to working mothers and carers are required and need investing for sustainability.


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