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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Women are on the march to protest outside Parliament articulating the flaws of the diet industry. The campaign Ditching Dieting organised by Endangered Bodies is preparing to protest alongside the all party parliamentary working group enquiry on Body Image. The article in the Guardian provides details.

Research conducted in this area, including claims from the diet industry in improving the lives of women and young girls through controlled diets, plans to toning, slimming and reducing body image. The group is taking action to highlight weight loss returns for some women.

However more voices on women matters and consultative discussions within the Conservative Party specifically would be beneficial on women issues. Revelations of the cosmetic industry and implants from women well being are appearing with very little influence from decision makers. The focus to alert findings, raise awareness to those affected and acknowledge weaknesses seem to be omitted by many women in political spheres.

Further more, we need to see a breadth of work to address and develop ideas on prevention. Specialists are called to enquiries, we have a legal and moral obligation in supporting women. I see a lot of protest and actions what I desire are solutions and women coming forward within all parties to strive to work on them.

There is no time like the present to seek innovation, women MP's are stretched with working priorities, constituency work and national developments. Think tanks and women campaigns are looking to support incomers and potential candidates, what about policies affecting women?

Sometimes we need to take a stance and not worry about being labelled a feminist. Let's not hide behind warnings and post events but rather take meaningful, long term action and strategies to ensure women have the necessary support and their valuable thoughts on policy as a vehicle for change.

Scandals from cosmetic surgery, women implants on health and dietary claims from certain profitable industries will become a norm amongst headlines; a challenge for us all, collective protests generate publicity, to make a difference there has to be responsibility and accountability for effective change. This can only shape future policy. Findings from the Ditching Dieting campaign and the NHS support on faulty implants remind us yet again women have a series of needs, they should not be overlooked in the current economic outlook which darkens all.


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