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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Loyalists and critics have quoted some negativity on Iron Lady, especially from those in admiration for Baroness Thatcher. I found the film moving. It was more about Margaret Thatcher's inner struggles and personal relationship with her husband rather than a political documentary highlighting key historical events. The film gave viewers awareness on dementia extensively. I also left the film remembering my personal childhood memories.

Although timing of such a film has been questioned, it is about personal viewing choices; the film ideally should be judged on merit, watching it objectively or disapproving of it because of negative connotations towards Margaret Thatcher is unjust. I felt touched by the characterisation displayed by Streep.

I hope Margaret Thatcher as our first female British prime minister has many worthy films and documentaries which reflect the accurate political movements and society we lived in. Thatcher had a specific set of challenges, constraints and her decisive leadership outlined with her determination and bold decisions; critics made a valid point on the lack of Thatcherism and political ideologies during it, frankly not the aim of this film.

However with aspects and flashbacks, Margaret Thatcher did not deter her vision of a better Britain, fought the cold war, showcased Britain on the world stage. As a leader with strong beliefs did not batter an eyelid to the unions, even though a minute set of policies were unpopular to part of the electorate. As columinists, panelists and people quote her lack of feminism, I dare say this is not about Margaret Thatcher and her lack of interest with the female movement, nor is she regarded as a feminist. She is a true British leader, an iconic one who was not afraid in her time in office to lead the British people which the very least the 'Iron Lady' production demonstrated. Do take time to watch it.


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