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Friday, 18 November 2011

Fawcett Society is hosting a demonstration this weekend on the cuts impacting women, their energy and feminist campaign marching in London. Extraordinary action from pinning their hair and wearing rubber gloves, dressing historically as 1950's styled housewives. It's not about playing dress up but a defining moment to demonstrate wholeheartedly to Government on the imbalance on women matters facing cuts, unemployment and to women services including measures on welfare reform.
image by Mary on the Green.org

Women from all political spheres do relate to this important issue, campaigns with Conservative women recognize consultation and engagement for women with women is valid and a necessity. I was deeply concerned on the critics view of an advisor to be appointed on women announced by Downing Street. Women coming forward to reject the concept before taken forward as the yes men.

There's nothing wrong if the Prime Minister acknowledges the need for women views to be taken into account as is their crucial voices and voting opinion. To belittle the idea like casting fear to the unknown territory. There's similarities to women labelled as feminists if they support this. Women clustering on both camps, tarnishing can only revert us back by underlining unconscious behaviour and actions. So I have no regret to see the Fawcett Society take national action from their systematic campaigns for gender equality, this is extreme probably for them including the frocks and Kathy Kidston aprons.

The Conservative women are emphasising the need to address political imbalance across gender. They are actively seeking support to mentor women to take on the political challenges to seek appointments and elected office. Women within the Conservative Party are getting extra encouragement to explore local and national politics. The regional campaign started in the West Midlands; Women2Win hosted by Caroline Spelman MP and Harriet Baldwin MP, began with informal networking early November. Women across leading sectors joined the campaign to support Conservative women in winnable seats in Parliament not only housewives but professionals, business sector and women in public service. Women MP's and recently women groups are invited to discuss "women-friendly" policies albeit late.

Whilst Fawcett Society with its massive followers works to ensure gender equality without political will & change where women can influence legislature, policy & decisions, society forgets, campaigns raise awareness but ultimate change can only begin & end in the Mother of all Parliament and female voices within it.


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