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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lord Davies stated the progress is is too slow, David Cameron recently held a meeting with the 30% club with women leading the way in progressing diversity in the boardroom.

Are we really going to meet the target of 25% females in boardrooms by 2015? It seems not. Some companies within the FTSE100 failed to have women represented, 14 to be precise.

We must champion women to be represented in all walks of life, socially, economically and politically. These reports are only effective if they have a purpose, naming and shaming works greater with a plan of action, why would we have these reports produced and aspirational targets if they were not to be taken seriously by the majority? Far too many times I am reading women are concerned with quotas as men.

We must make efforts to gain a striking balance, what I am not seeking is placing unskilled women to meet the numbers, there are many senior executives & females who have Director potential, nurturing their talent is not a crime whilst some Tory women may disagree on quotas, yes I mean boardroom female magic numbers, I say it's correct for these reports highlighting the lack of progress being published and welcomed.

David Cameron is right to have the discussion with the 30% club and sharing his views on the lack of diversity; well done David! If our PM can drive this forward, there is support for it. Do also read the Cranfield University research on the findings.


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