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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Charlotte Vere ex PPC
Women2Win hosted a women's training event introducing political engagement to aspiring female leaders in the Conservative Party.

The networking reception allowed women to meet MP's and Peers from the House of Lords, advocates and Association Chairs to Whips, informing them on the possible avenues to entering politics; many were standing potential candidates, engaged in local and national politics as previous PPC's.

Does Political Networking work?

Bernard Jenkin MP 
Networking in politics does work effectively; women enjoy debate and company with like minded individuals and care about issues local and national that impact them. They are attracted to women who have struggled and lived the experience, enjoy the similarities and learn from sharing which shapes them as new learners and ambassadors.

Networking in the political arena is no different, women have leadership and communication qualities; what they seek attending these events are the political will and motivation to unlock their potential and route to success. Barriers appear if you allow them too, fear and reservations are there to overcome to take further career steps to a goal in public office.

Women feel comfortable in surroundings where they see change occur and make a difference on a range of issues together when they have the opportunity to resolve them in the appropriate way.

Baroness Anne Jenkin 

Personal and professional networking, listening and sound biting events all carry you in different ways; inspiration comes with any listening event if you decide to learn from them.  I certainly did and intend to pursue these within the Conservative Party in the future. The West Midlands event is being led on the 4th November 2011, do contact Maggie Throup.


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