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Friday, 19 August 2011

A few words to remind us of the actions many take globally to support humanitarian causes, from delivering UK Aid to countries suffering from drought, conflict and natural disasters.We are aware the dangerous circumstances some brave British personnel work, we also remind ourselves today many have lost lives saving others on the ground whilst working at UN offices.

Natural Looting

Understandably in the UK, we are signifying recent tensions and unrest with the minority of the population looting own advance communities, there are natural catastrophic disasters taking place which require immediate aid, attention and support.

As we collectively review the work when marking WHD 2011 from what has been done in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Japan. World Food Programme joins the celebrations. Their work never stops; WFP will be sending emergency food assistance with funding from the Australian Government (AusAID) to floods; another natural disaster in Dhaka. Some 57,000 Bangladeshi's are affected in Satkhira, Southern Bangladesh. As many thousands of the region's poorest families are affected, high energy nutrition biscuits are in shipment to surrounding areas, supported by local distribution.

For the flood victims, WFP are at this moment in time, their seeds of hope and World Humanitarian Day 2011 once again captures the essence of the work of the Humanitarian workers.


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