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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

This month a series of events unfolded within American politics, Michele Bachmann ran her campaign for election, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner followed towards her re-election steps and Home Secretary Theresa May returned to lead talks on recent community tensions in Britain. They were all demonstrating their vitality and leadership at crucial moments in their careers, taking their new found policies and election manifestos to the public.

Informal wins and successes - American Republican Michele Bachmann

America smiled, Michele Bachmann defiantly succeeded as a first woman win in the IOWA straw poll. American politics has always been a complicated one, yet within her campaign this win has been a boost to her performance, credentials and visible platform. Michele Bachmann, known for her strong views on right wing values, christian sentiments and  abortions has an overwhelming admiration and support from her fellow Americans.

Why is this a crucial victory? The informal contest crowned her a winner and an early wake up call to opponents racing for presidency, some say she's not a favorite, yet she managed to prove them wrong. Others were keen to see how Palin declares her interest to run.

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandenz de Kirchner

Re-election may be swift for President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner through recent primary elections, she has paved the path for a second victory. Argentina's democracy and first national primary held shown some pro-founding results, polling 50 % of the votes. The opponents will trail behind unless they draw alliances, the nation can see her crowned a second term with ease.

The democratic opinion of the ordinary people was more of a success for her; in Argentina the people decide their preferential presidential candidates from the outset through the open primary which is mandatory. The 23rd October is not far out of reach when the election is held. Her achievements listed mentally, addressing poverty, and sustaining economic growth in Argentina as set by her husband previously. She may one day be resembled as Evita, the popular Mrs Peron, whom also addressed vital social justice for the nation.

Theresa May UK Cabinet Member, Home Secretary

Early on the scene to politically make her position clear on recent home tensions saw a defiant, decisive woman leading discussions amongst the most senior ranking positions in the UK. From budgets, new strategic directions, challenges and constructive feedback in the space of a week shined her once again in the public eye. She holds her influential role in British politics from ministerial portfolios including Women and Equalities.    

This may be regarded as a low point in her career on tensions but an opportunity to reform policing with her leading the changes, a moment rarely experienced by many.

What makes these women special in their own right is they're fearless, and rise up to challenges at the most critical times. People crave support and direction; leaders who skillfully portray confidence, reassure the public and make unpopular decisions generally what great political leaders do in the long term for economic growth; Margaret Thatcher was one of them.

Whatever impact these three women have in the public domain, and demonstrated in aspects of their political careers, they will be at the forefront, running international and domestic campaigns. During periods of change with additional pressures of instability, they will retain many successes and setbacks and will be stronger upon return.


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