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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The hunting ban is coming to the spotlight; a land mark case against the hunt and a wildlife group is being looked at this week. Tory female MP's known as the Blue Foxes, labelled with irony are against repeal of the ban which has been in place since the Hunting Act came into force in 2005.

Within the heart of the Tory party this has been an issue, more new female MP's are supporting to retain the ban, for these ''Blue Foxes'', the hunt is unacceptable in modern society, perhaps they are totally against blood sport. The latest set of incoming women in the party and parliament will gain some attention when the free vote on the subject is announced. We have no news of this as yet.The female Tory Blue Foxes declared are Tracey Crouch, Caroline Dineage, Esther McVey, and Laura Sandys.

Women and Fox Hunting

Whether you support the sport, love the sound of the tooting horn, the chase and leaping horses, galloping and pack hounds leading the way, it has criticism from rural villagers alike. I for one call it a tradition that many wish to see clarity on. I also support the views of those who wish to bring humanity to the sport, one would easily categorize me as a blue fox. I am not violating the wishes of thousands, the sport now soaked with a rag of scent of a fox works equally well.

Women love, cherish and have many feelings, including morality and judgement, if the Blue Foxes feel strongly and there is a free vote on this, we should respect their decision to retain the ban and the previously legislated Hunting Act. Hunting with a scent trail is still thriving in the countryside with businesses and breeding hounds doing well, younger horse riders being trained, so why the fuss? The complexity of the law, the boundaries or the legality, are some of the factors, Blue Foxes have notably raised their concerns.

A compromise

Allow the historical traditions to work and develop, give it time, the countryside; its prosperity and people supporting to ensure their breeding businesses succeed, it's a balancing act for survival and acceptance in the countryside. Respecting the wishes of those who favor the sport or want it removed permanently; a choice of conforming to acceptance of the law and abiding, we should not mock the female conservatives against fox hunting but praise them for challenging the notions.


  1. Dear Ms Hassan,
    We came across your nice blog on us by chance! Thank you for helping us to spread the message  of the Blue Foxes within the Conservative capacity.

  2. Thank you for your feedback & comments. I also noticed the blog has been linked to the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting Facebook page.

    Thank you CFAH!