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Friday, 8 July 2011

Andrew Mitchell has supported UN Women with a sum of £20m within next two years.  The Department of International Development is correct to provide the resources that impact women globally, so why are we not embracing it?

The results of the lack of outcomes from the recent findings in the UN Women's first report "Progress of the World's Women 2011-2012: In Pursuit of Justice" could be the factor. The Gender and Development Network is seeking further funds in the future including gender groups to support the newly created UN Agency which campaigns for global gender equality.

In the current climate every little helps, globally however small this may seem, there is an appetite for funds supporting women in need. There's a sense of obligation to fulfill our international commitments despite hardships and the domestic economy and deficit. The UK Government is leading the way.

Complicating the needs of women and young girls with organisations that are also delivering world aid and supporting to eliminate global poverty such as the World Health Organisation, and The World Bank, we hear the words endlessly, women participation secures and increases economic growth.

Michelle Bachelet undersecretary-general of UN Women, the former Chile's first female president is advocating the changes from maternity pay, equal pay, and addressing gender discrimination. Multinational companies are delivering some of the initiatives already, Goldman Sachs established its 10,000 Women Initiative three years ago.


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