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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

London Metropolitan Police with its resignations of senior police personnel may be a blessing for a woman to step and lead the force, as the Olympics 2012 fast approaching many are focusing on which if any woman can take the highly demanding and rewarding post.

It was interested to read the article in the FT, the book makers are taking a note of the possible contenders, there are women marked in the ranking. This has to be a first for the Met and with support from the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, it may happen.

This is not about quotas or making the diversity of the Met more visible, these women have lead, acquire the strategic skills and experience. They are exceptional in their own right, there's no oversight on this list. Perhaps the book makers have got it right with the probability of one being successful.

Whatever the outcome I do wish the candidates every success; Sarah Thornton is currently Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police and others including Cressida Dick, Assistant Commissioner are on the list too.


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