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Monday, 4 July 2011

I'm not surprised at all with the revelations today, Baroness Thatcher has been found to be the most capable Prime Minister in a political monitor poll, Ipsos Mori announced.

The first female British Prime Minister both admired and brought criticism for her dominance, sheer power and political influence as she is remembered today for her defiant ways and Conservative party policies. Baroness Thatcher entered Downing Street to take office in May 1979, winning three elections before resigning.

Baroness Thatcher tackled the unions her way, lead the Falklands War victory, transforming Britain with her strong will and leadership, and how can we forget the history of our times? Thatcherism was born, privatization and so forth.

The poll outcome simply is confirmation of a true leader in making from the liberation of the British Economy, tackling inflation, understanding devolving power of the unions to those who feared it was the key whilst promoting growth and entrepreneurship. Her conviction to overcome challenges, shaping policy and Britain for change. Did we say capable? There's no comparison.


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