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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Christine Lagarde, has the full support of the International Monetary Fund, recently announced she has secured the votes for the Managing Director of the IMF; the prestige position and now the first female head to lead the institution.

The French seem to farewell in the IMF, this has to be extra special. I say this with irony, not because she is a woman, the sheer dominance and attributes, overcome the ability to be selected on merit through rigorous selections with global and financial leaders. Even the French President Nicolas Sarkozy showcased her success as one to be admired and respected in France.

Christine Lagarde, the French Finance Minister has a wealth of experience, researching her with great interest, many are phrasing her sporting ability, a synchronized swimming champion, she secured many roles; one to hold the position in obtaining a 750bn EU rescue fund, controlling tighter hedge funds, Christine Lagarde orchestrated a series of career successes and has the recognition to lead the way. Her role as G-20 Chair is only one aspect, she will have further challenges to deal with the economy, the Greek debt crisis and soon first hand knowledge of any economic crisis will be at her finger tips, taking such diplomatic and vital discussions globally as the IMF MD.

So as attention falls on the previous IMF MD, Dominique Strauss- Kahn with his case, like many including our Chancellor of Exchequer, Christine Lagarde has to be a breath of fresh air in this historical institution, her position within the global financial watchdog is rightfully hers.


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