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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Emmeline Pankhurst born on 15th July 1858, ironically Emmeline believed her birthday to be on the 14th July, the day of Bastille. The French National Day which commemorates the Storming of the Bastille 1789, the symbolic modern uprising, the fortress prison, and the French Revolution. It's a very important day for the French First Republic. Emmeline's birthday was disputed however, she preferred the romantic date linking to equality and justice to be known as the day she was born.

Her statue situated in Victoria Gardens is annually celebrated to remind us of her achievements & work to progress women in the political arena.

Although distance of travel prevented my presence, it's reflection on her campaigning work to ensure women had the right to vote. She led the movement, her militant style & protests, advocated strongly by gathering mass meetings. A few observers were critical of her style for radical reform which also led her to be arrested on several occasions.

Her strong determination & desire for change to women's rights & the political vote is a historical moment.

Emmeline's mother was a devoted feminist, attended women's suffrage meetings, Emmeline's interest was too noted through her political alliances, and creation of the Women's Social & Political Union (WSPU), an all women suffrage advocacy organisation.

Later in Emmeline's life, she joined the Conservative Party before her death in 1928 as a single parent, engaged in public life in Edwardian Britain.


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