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Monday, 13 June 2011

Today David Cameron with leaders attended a conference, supported to raise funds for GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation). It's another attempt to endorse & contribute to international aid by buying huge stocks of vaccines to prevent diseases amongst the young. Campaigners are also raising a concern on transportation to areas where there are no clinics in the vicinity to deliver the vaccines.

Millions of children can be saved, through disease prevention globally, imagine saving one life, but to save them in thousands through vaccination should be positively welcomed. However the fragmented structures, lack of facilities and access to remote areas almost makes the brilliant idea flawed from the outset. So if we work with the political will, support the health workers and campaigners like Save The Children, it's a dream and ambitious goal worth the challenge.

The PM pledge from Britain to give 814m to help prevention of further young lives dying of diseases, the vaccine will aim to vaccinate 80 million, this will save the lives of 1.4 million in the future, so this is one pledge we should welcome and all be proud of.

What's really important is that we globally look at the need of basic healthcare for all, Britain is right to lead the way.

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  1. Healthcare services should be accessible to the people.