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Monday, 27 June 2011

Marie Claire is supporting the charity Plan UK to save 10 million child brides, Plan UK is also seeking help to end child brides from our Government. The report Breaking Vows, highlights the problem, in the developing world which exceeds in the region of 10 million under 18's are affected. Globally the findings are alarming, from Africa, South America and Asia.

Forced Marriages within countries is not acceptable, Europe is also seeing a trend in young child brides, a higher rate in Turkey, Plan UK's report highlights the ever growing world concern.

Child abuse in this form is a violation of human rights and against UN Convention, causing harm to children from having a valuable education, breaking the cycle of poverty in the developing world and maternal health care problems with early pregnancy, the cycle cannot be broken in silence. Do support the cause either via Marie Claire and Plan UK.


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