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Saturday, 11 June 2011

BBC Apprentice Series 2 Jo & I
We have a gender imbalance in boardrooms, the Government commissioned a report and aspirational targets to assist reflective representation amongst UK boards. An increase in female apprenticeships in male dominated roles should also be considered as a priority. Lord Davies revealed his findings and with the support of the Department of Innovation and Skills which will increase female board representation. However changing the mindset will come as part of the overall organisational development and structure where females are seen in roles that can progress at boardroom level.

Female board members in the corporate sector are equally important; the FTSE 100 revealed recently 12.5 % are women in 2010 now 13.4 % are women; an increase with newly appointed women directors. The Davies report highlighted an aspiration target of 25% by 2015 however affected by the findings is the FTSE 100 not FTSE 250. The Professional Boards Forum created the BoardWatch to monitor developments formulated by Davies report findings.

Women can succeed but require a platform to address the gender pay gap, positions and to increase boardroom level career orientated approach by moving away from traditional female apprenticeships in the administration sector but break the glass ceiling in more differing roles like the construction and engineering industry.

The segregation of occupational roles is a hazard. Young women need enterprise innovation, skills and support through peer or mentoring programmes, leadership development and corporate networks to share ideas. Women too are leading the way creating their own networks, a presence much required to change thinking and progress to increase participation at all levels. It's great to see women are also shaping the agenda to highlight their abilities and skills to grasp the attention of the corporate sector. The Government has also made a commitment to apprenticeships as a priority.


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