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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Move aside and watch the brave woman from Saudi who captured the world's attention, her defying determination to spread her cause and the first to show how women in this part of the world are restricted from driving.

The Saudi's will not gain any sympathy for rearresting Manal-al Sherif, our activist protesting the lack of women driving around freely in the front wheel, instead in Saudia Arabia they are banned. In this day and age we are not seeking chauffeurs, husbands & partners to help us see the world in a car, we can drive, reaching new heights and the skies. Why is it any different in Saudia Arabia?

Thanks once again with the power of communications through social media, her Facebook page behind the wheel caused a mass following, the authorities are charging her for violating public order offences, her supporters in thousands will be disappointed to learn the page has been closed, even I have searched on Facebook. 

Women drive for many reasons, doing the school run, work, caring needs to meet families, pleasure, leisure activities and their independence, it's interesting to read articles in the media that women are portrayed in Saudia Arabia as 'loose' women, looking to attract strangers through driving. Oh please! Who is living in Saudi Arabia? Please tell me this mentality is not in the majority? Even I will lose the will to live if this is the case, it's a car, not a vehicle to move women into sexual liaisons, if this is the rationale to ban Saudi women, it's distasteful and a poor excuse to barricade women like prisons, chaperone them with men to avoid their freedom to drive and express the will to do so alone. The car ban for me only reminds me how this country is looking to cave women in homes and limit their travels with prying eyes confined. The fact that women cannot vote in Saudia Arabia which is also very limited to a few areas is alarming too. 

I cannot imagine not driving my car, for years of travelling and the independence, these women should have the equal right, to be the only country to ban women from driving is not progressive. Social media protests have brought countries to conflict, halt and attention for democracy and change. I hope we all back this particular cause to make this driving ban removed like changing other political landscapes. 

Only the world of social media can help Manal-al Sherif, I pray her efforts and strong power to protest, in this manner works, to make change happen with her journey and driving experience. I'm not intending to be a passenger on this one!


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