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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Is it something to be joyful about? Saudia Arabia has opened its largest female only university by King Abdullah himself, well so much talk about the driving ban on Saudi women, the country has set the world to see how women are academically going to achieve at this University; the Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman. Its base will accommodate over 40,000 female students, let's hope travelling arrangements with transport facilities are adequate to get these Saudi women easily there.

However I do call it some progress, the statistics look depressing at the best of times, need I say we will always call it the first world's largest university for women but underlying factors remain, this country also has the lowest employment level for women in the world; ironic, we can look deeper into how segregation for these women been assimilated in professions, catering for subjects available at this University. Will they be reconfirming and teaching subjects for gender specific professions such as nursing or boldly go far as media and engineering?

We know that media is far too populated with males. Then we have figures confirming no political empowerment globally for women in this country. Funding a female only university cannot be a half hearted attempt, a dream come true if we see accessibility of a broad range of studies carried out traditionally by males are offered to these female students, along with the independence to travel and reside in the accommodation onsite facilities. This will ensure women truly have the freedom to choose to study and enhance their career followed by real job prospects.

King Abdullah and his advisors may want to do further field work and taking the views of the Human Rights Watch.


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