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Monday, 2 May 2011

As the decision for the AV referendum is drawing to a near end, I'm quite disappointed that many people are still disengaged with political change, both nationally and locally. So many people have expressed the lack of political will to get involved in the referendum and care to take notice what is happening this Thursday. Electoral reform was part of the coalition agreement, yet I am pleased to declare my position it's a NO NO for me, like it or choose to defy it, this is a serious proposed change in our voting system, we are all accountable for the outcome of the referendum, so please do make a decision.

As many are enjoying the sun, beer gardens and city residents taking a leisure canal trip, I'm encouraging them to vote on local issues; the city regeneration projects, enterprises, addressing young people in employment for potential career prospects and preventing demonstration marches across the city for local residents to live peacefully.

I campaigned today on local issues but I cannot forget a responsibility that the AV is taking place too. As many say to me, 'why do you care about politics and this AV thing?' I reply because it matters; to our people for real democracy and our choices that makes society a better place, all decisions should be determined by its people and the AV is a step for us to ultimately take a stand on this issue of historical political reform. There is no point moaning afterwards should the AV win, we cannot afford to remain on the fence on this one. If people have time to watch reality TV and vote from x factor, dancing on ice, strictly come dancing, people should have a fair opportunity to decide what the outcome of the AV is, and not compromise. For me not voting means acceptance on the final results. I hope the only people interested in this is not the bookies!


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