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  • Women Driving Political Change

Saturday, 14 May 2011

West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are now under the control of women, thanks to India's recent elections, proud of their individual achievements, I could not help blogging about these two women in the world of politics. They are already pursuing their roles, leading the way; helping us understand how India perceives women in political processes and its democracy.

It's an excellent standard, a platform for further change will be secured in the future whilst they are in charge of these parts; in Tamil and West Bengal, they will be managing millions of people and addressing some of the previous controlled communist regime, now Mamata Banerjee, has a rightful place, it's a state to be proud of. India will dominate politics with key figureheads; women add value.

If only other global countries could see the benefits women can bring to positions in politics that allow progressive thinking from all, women have their fair share to play in society, socially and economically.

Jayalalithaa should be praised for her developments in the South, in Tamil Nadu, all good for the people. At least we have many changing their attitudes towards women leading in political activity, after all the elite and lower working classes did so by voting for them, the key to making change happen when women have the support whilst some of the opposition party were campaigning and avoiding allegations of corruption, Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalithaa can safely lead, head up high!


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