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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thank goodness David spoke his mind at the G8 summit, defending his stance on the aid budget to the poorest countries.I'm pleased our Government is thinking of the developing world and its contributions. Aid to Africa is crucial for progress, global impact and how the British are seen in generosity are equally important as addressing conflict in civil wars. It was pleasing to learn, he made a point to fellow world leaders to make the commitment and difference.

However with Libya and interventions in other areas, how will this impact foreign aid budgets in the future? We don't have all the answers. Well done David in stating the obvious on this occasion, Afghanistan's defense budget would have been better utilized for aid in Africa, a valid point and dramatically noted amongst the leaders in the G8 summit in Deauville, France, recently.

My passion to support the developing world is minor considering what influence and power our PM has on cautious eyes amongst world leaders, they need to play their part in addressing inequality amongst the poorest countries. Public pledges are there for a purpose to be honored, naming and shaming countries that are failing their pledges and promises should be noted at a time of international gathering. Italy and Germany were held to account or at least reminded of their broken promises.  David keep setting the bar.


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