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  • Women Driving Political Change

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Morocco has a new tribe of women fighting for their equality and rights for "collective lands." Women are seeking to challenge their rights under the support of the Soulaliyate Women's Movement to receive their inheritance via compensation.

Can these women succeed? More global Feminist Movement's are coming to the eyes of men and patriarchal fragments in Moroccan society. Even the King Mohammed VI in Morocco has opened his eyes, his new way of thinking amounts from the social and political unrest of many women demanding compensation. These ordinary, working women and abandoned are gathering in masses, to seek constitutional reform, yes it cannot come sooner as they want laws changed since their marching protests. What may be a shock to other progressive Feminist Movement's is not to walk away from these women in the developing world within remote villages, I hope Morocco will fulfil its obligations, and it's not an empty promise yet to be formalised.

Globally, in developing countries family law is progressing slowly too, the Soulaliyates had their democratic rights brushed aside since 2004 under family law, however still seeking change today. They have the support of the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women (ADFM) fighting their cause.

It's fundamental that women even from tribal groups are supported for equality, justice and fairness and deserve to have their compensation, it's duly theirs whether land, currency or accommodation however small. It's a struggle for them in greater numbers, women in these tribes are in their thousands, they do require support, understanding and assurance. I anticipate the King will continue the reform as planned before we see an uprise of a differing kind, women leading the way for social, political change and their land.


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