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Saturday, 7 May 2011

No real surprises here, Birmingham outstandingly rejects the Alternative Vote. As a referendum agent, adjudicating uncertain votes, they came returned with many comments, ultimately rejected including blank ones abstaining to vote. I felt the system had let them down, those whom made the effort and attempted to scribble thoughts; it was evident many voters simply did not understand the AV. I found outstandingly many had written names of candidates on them too, then came numbers, letters, question marks and rankings.

In future campaigns, there needs to be some evaluation and feedback with costs coming to the attention of the electorate, the referendum process was misguided to some of the public. I dare not seek another possible referendum too soon like the AV, campaigns must cater for local communities in diverse languages, the wards I adjudicated on had far too many discrepancies, clearly a concern from ethnic minority groups on the meaning, these groups of voters did not understand and making many questioned what it was further.

This is disappointing considering the cost of the marketing campaigns on both camps, nevertheless despite rejections on ballot papers, Birmingham's outcome YES 94,835, NO 170,749; overall the country and the electorate have decided, it's a NO NO.


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