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Friday, 6 May 2011

The 5th of May is not simply about Local Elections and the Super Thursday AV Referendum as political activity flurries, it's also the day of International Day of the Midwife; maternal health is once again under the spot light on how Governments  are expected to meet the 5th Millennium Development Goal; to improve maternal health.

As Governments are reminded gently the question on how they intend to meet targets to reduce maternal health related deaths, today raises awareness on the role of the Midfwife, as Africa's midwives are doing. The White Ribbon Alliance Network Campaign also has varied initiatives supporting the cause.

I met the team at the Conservative Party Conference last year and understood the programme, to ensure women from developing countries are provided adequate treatment and services, this day should be celebrating success and reminding us to see what avenues there are to retain the goals and women suffering because of maternal health problems for safe motherhood, as we advocate for every mother and child, we must not remain complacent from African countries more action must be taken.

Tanzania, parts of West Africa like Mali, women are in need of certain care; they require qualified midwives, further skilled care for child births, let us pledge our support however small, donate and remind those in power beyond the G8 summit of this cause. Do take the opportunity to review the White Ribbon Alliance Maternal Mortality Campaign as part of International Day of Midwife as part of the ongoing celebrations of the day, the AV, local political debate, the global picture must too not be forgotten like a hidden promise; this is a goal I intend to keep in the framework.


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