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Friday, 29 April 2011

Today was a new beginning to Britishness and the modern monarchy, Kate, the people princess was born. I loved every magical moment, brought live from all the media channels, our policing was highly effective too, more importantly the people celebrating the spectacular day was a further sparkle to Kate's Alexander McQueen wedding gown by Sarah Burton. The day, a memorable one, with a team of organised wedding planning; the ceremony along with state figures went promptly with perfection and pleasing to the crowd.

As Kate the princess with her new found title the Duchess Of Cambridge, she will remarkably hold her ground to the world stage, she brought the world to capture British traditions, our British Monarchy and the importance to enjoy and celebrate Britishness, we should not be ashamed to remember it, after all we cannot say we did not unite today from the world of social media, the people live at Hyde Park and beyond, those directly involved; the staff, the Royal Family, celebratory figures, Westminster Abbey, the Church and institution,  and our semi state affair was shown to billions. Call it patriotic, we certainly should not shy from it. The diversity of the crowd from all over the world cultures came together for this special wedding. Even Kate looked overwhelmed from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. I was fascinated with the efforts people made to be visible and share the moment in history.

For now, let us bless the new bride Kate and Prince William a happy marriage, and not hijack the day with political point scoring; for the Majesty the Queen it was also a special day and for the British people too, may the monarchy exist for years to come, making us proud to be British once again. Kate you are already my modern day people princess.

My daughter valued it too, do take a look at her picture book telling the story through her eyes, called Lucky Kate, available on line http://goo.gl/xLrB8


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