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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Are Kate and William the answer to defining Britishness? As the country revitalizes to prepare for a royal wedding, many in the shadows are seeking answers on public mood and reaction to the day.

Street parties, a much rewarded day off work for spectators to cast their eyes on the royal ceremony, will it bring communities together to flourish the monarchy, the state and its people?

British identity once again becomes a focus, the opportunist needs to sense the mood of the country, there will be those financially rewarded as the direct outcome of the royal wedding; merchandise, sales, catering to decorations from the elite, yet the ordinary people, it brings hope and prosperity through a moment they can embrace, enjoy and share the dream of this remarkable staged, presence.

Public mourning

Kate, a figurehead already to some women, brings further aspirations to those seeking happiness through a blissful marriage. I only remember the mourning of Diana how the country was brought to a halt. The sadness portrayed, this was the moment in history where unity, community spirit across all religions, creed, gender, sexuality and age came together; this was Britishness for weeks, it remained in our hearts and minds, a way of looking for new hope to mourn and reflect her death.

I wish to remember the day for the right reasons, to celebrate and collectively see the possession  in the old fashion British way of living, let us not see demonstrations, protests and transport strikes by union actions but simply enjoy the couple being formally married.

Kate and William our a British pride and joy, if any action is taken negatively, this is not what Diana would have wanted, so the public may wish to consider this on reflection to mourning her death, to see her son, William marrying with the supportive community in unity and the world to capture.

Britshness comes first and foremost, to retaining values, customs and practices, in a humane fashion, avoiding any dampen situations and reminding the world, Britishness is not about vandalism, street hooliganism and shouting marches. British democracy has a time and place. The royal wedding is for Kate, William and the people. I will be celebrating the wedding  in the quiet old fashion way at home, I certainly wish to respect the traditions, I'm sure we all do.


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