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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Kenneth Clarke MP &  I
Are we really concerned about the privatization of prisons? Is this another myth busting cause for public concern? I'm aware privatization takes place for many services with sub contractual arrangements in many aspects of Government.

However on this occasion women within prisons are also a topic of concern as many groups are debating the outcry.

I have worked with partnerships managing offenders and resettlement services, how will women be affected? There are public services that can be easily diluted but surely at the heart of any contractual changes we must consider to meet the needs of women offenders, their families and children, yes they are all affected by the process, as we swiftly take on rationalization in practice.

I hope we can fully support change, yet we are quickly to learn of fear mongering strikes and army mobilization, it's sincerely alarming. Birmingham Winson Green Prison is one in the eye of policy makers.

I hope the women in prisons, services and courses to resettle them in the community are not diluted in the whole radical, shaping process of this new thinking and change.

It is truly time to reflect for the agencies and those supporting resettlement and the community and voluntary sector who are left to pick up the pieces on this potential new adverse impact. Please do consult and learn from these women.


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