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Friday, 1 April 2011

Historically, our women, yes I mean the Suffragettes, protested by refusing to complete the Census. Today women are legally bound to fill the questions for future planning on local community needs whilst sipping tea, making snacks and cover work related tasks. Last weekend we all encouraged others to return them to create a community picture, nationally and locally.

The protest for equality and fair treatment came in many ways, one attributed to the historical legacy of our women during the Suffragette Movement. They went far as sleeping away on the night of the Census in 1911.

I enjoyed political history at college and researched these women and stories. Today they are once again being remembered for their victorious achievements as change makers and pioneers; women in history who left a political legacy for us. 

Their hunger strikes, rallies and demonstrations to manipulate the Census data,  miraculously worked to their favour. You cannot help but admire their wisdom, and some today would note as stubbornness. Can we forget they even played hide and seek in broom cupboards!

Pankhurst, Davison and followers did exactly that, promoted and protested by boycotting the Census to create an impact left for generations as an indicator for how much women seek to progress in this cause, it needs to have us all included, so do fill it in!


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